Saturday, January 23, 2010

TRAIN 1/23

Mardi Gras party!!! on March 1st from 6-8pm Krissy needs helpers to assist in set up and break down before and after. Tell everyone!

We now have new titles in the YA section, they are all marked with red dots. Any other suggestions that have been sent in but not ordered yet are on a list. Any other suggestions, leave them in the comments and I will forward them to Krissy. (Or she will grab them herself :D)

Book Club! Right now we’re doing Neverending Story, and in February we’ll be doing the work of HG Wells.

Reading Fun Day at the Twin Rivers Mall is on February 6th (Saturday), 9am-5pm and Miss Pam needs volunteers. Come by and talk to her or e-mail her.

February 27th is Krissy’s Birthday!!!

In the next few months (probably late February or March) there will be a sale of videos and we’re looking for volunteers. E-mail Krissy

Our lock-in is on April 10th! yay!

we are now boycotting Wendy’s because they are not only crappy, but they are very mean and disrespectful to Krissy.

Krissy is also in charge of a teen workshop this summer where the teens are in charge of everything from set and prop production to acting, directing… everything. More info coming soon.

Next Train Meeting:
February 20th


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