Monday, January 4, 2010

a tie :(

There's a tie between Neverending Story and Leviathan.

I will say that Leviathan is at Waldenbooks at the mall. there's four or so copies left and they're 40% off... which makes them about $12. I didn't check for the other title.

So leave a comment on this post: Neverending Story, or Leviathan?



  1. I say Leviathan, I loove steampunk and haven't read it yet!

  2. im indecisieve i read the info on both and they both seem brillant so im switzerland

  3. So i'll get Krissy to choose for us then.

  4. Frick. I hate deciding stuff. ummm. ok. umm. Neverending Story. Because there's a movie. then maybe Leviathan for March? (You are ready for February, right, Blackwell?)

  5. Caron ur not gonna be there for January so i didn't count u ;)