Thursday, March 25, 2010

TRAIN 3/20

ok ok I know, meeting was on Saturday and it’s Thursday. Blame the college for putting me behind.

  • Our books, the new ones, are starting to come in. Not all of them are in the department yet, because they got put in with the kids stuff. They’re presently being sorted.
  • If we don’t start coming to book club, they’re going to cancel it! We’ve moved it to FRIDAY from 4:00-5:30. please come!!!
  • School outreach! If you want Krissy to come to your school and talk about the library, ask your teachers, bug Krissy (don’t really bug her) and she’ll do it.
  • We had fun at Mardi Gras (at least you guys did because I was in Astronomy class :\) but let’s try to make it bigger next time. Also—if you participated, if you intend to come to the next one, if you care at all and even if you don’t, you need to write a nice thank you letter to the people who gave us free food for the party (and for any party, for that matter) so that they know that we are grateful (and so that they’ll do it again). Hand it to the manager and thank them in person, too.
  • Caron Day (lock in) is April 10-11. The sign-ups are in the children’s department, and I’ll get them up here ASAP for download.
  • Our video sale fund raiser is coming up. We’ll get more details later but for now, just know that you will be needed!
  • SRP: starts June 14th! the theme is MAKE WAVES AT YOUR LIBRARY! so start making artwork, and start thinking videos for the lock in at the end.
  • Do y’all want to do Poetry Cafe? April is National Poetry Month so we need to decide fast. leave a comment. please.
  • Krissy needs volunteers to dress up as (old) celebrities for the Gala at the theatre. E-mail her.

Y’all know Krissy’s e-mail, right? Cuz if not we need to fix that. I won’t put it up here because she’ll get a whole ton of spam.

Next meeting: April 17th


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